What will Wayfinder do for you?

We will conduct an in-depth assessment of your situation – land, home, life, dreams and desires – to maximise your potential for efficient, sustainable living. We will provide a detailed, clear, achievable analysis, and a road map to meeting your goals. Wayfinder works with you – your means and your goals – to help you live your way with less effort, time and money on your part.

Whether you’re constructing a new place or looking to maximise the efficiency of your land, we can provide the most cost-effective and sustainable way forward.

This includes a layout recommending locations of gardens, structures and ponds; rain barrels and cisterns; chickens, rabbits and other animals, or even green roofs and walls. Even if you’re in an apartment, we can work with you. We will suggest local supply stores, greenhouses, or contractors to you who will meet your budget, and help you get in contact with local suppliers for your animals and market or production.