What is Permaculture?

First used in 1970 by noted permaculturists Bill Mollison and David Holongren, Permaculture is short for permanent cultivation of the land. It is a method of agriculture and landscaping that results in sustainable, low maintenance, highly productive, ecologically-minded systems of agriculture, gardening and landscape utilising these methods will reduce your time and effort, save you money, increase yields and all sustainably, by working with nature to maximise efficiency and to increase self-sufficiency!

Permaculture concepts include:
* Companion planting.
* Rain collection.
* “Green” walls.
* “Green” roots.
* Composting.
* Microclimates and Season Extending methods (i.e. Cold Frames).
* Polyculture.
* Renewable Energy.

The idea is to have maximum output with minimum inputs, such as energy, water and fertilisers.

Permaculture’s scalable ideas will benefit you wether you have an apartment, an acre, 40 acres or 400 acres, because it works with nature and nature’s inherent systems to improve yours.

What are the Principles within which we at Wayfinder work Permaculture?